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The Sims Welcome To The Neighborhood

I'm Sim Crazy!

Welcome To The Neighborhood
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For your first post I would like to know a little bit about you and what packs you have. You don't have to but it's nice to know.

Are you sick of having to scroll through “I can’t do this” or “blue screen of death.” Get my point?

Well I am too! That’s why I created this community. This place is for creators and their creations. Players and the game. New people and addicts. ::Slaps self:: This is about the love of the game.

What I want to see posted are things you all have made (objects, skins, houses, whatever.) Tell everyone about what's going on with your Sim families. Births? Deaths? Pets?

What I don't want to see posted all your computer problems. That what other sim communities are for. Only kidding.

I think I said something about this - I don't really want Sim2 things in here (because I'm jealous that I don't own a copy) but hey, The Sims are Sims so why not.

If your going to put links for things to download please put in clear (and I mean crystal) form how to install them. I know that I'm one of the many who can't get these darn things to work because the directions aren't clear enough.

Like how I'm trying to explain what this community is about. Not clear at all. But give it time and everything will fall into place.

The rules are basic – DON’T DO ANYTHING!


No bad or offensive language
No nudity
No bad anything.

Use common sense people.

Happy posting and enjoy!